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Your goals – Your future – Your life!

Minnesota needs everyone to be in the workforce for businesses to thrive, and for individuals, families and communities to prosper

Since 1971, Rise has assisted more than 15,000 Minnesotans increase their self-sufficiency and productivity. Our professional, well-trained staff deliver innovative programs and services designed for people who have a wide range of disabilities as well as those who face other barriers to employment, housing, and full participation in the community.

Rise offers more than 40 programs to people in at least 20 Minnesota counties. Our customized services are delivered through our network of 20 office locations as well as in hundreds of community businesses and residences throughout the Twin Cities, Central and East Central Minnesota areas.

Rise’s programs are innovative, person-centered, and flexible

Rise’s staff work closely with program participants and their support team, encouraging them to explore their own particular skills and interests. Together, we develop customized plans to help people realize their own personal measure of success.

We work collaboratively with various community partners, including businesses, landlords, and community organizations to help support people’s employment, housing, and community inclusion needs.

Our customized services support greater independence and assist people to succeed in life

Rise programs are licensed and approved by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, counties, and area school districts.

Rise programs are also fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

Advancing Lives

Employment * Housing * Personal Growth

We Value -
People: We believe people of all abilities should be embraced for their strengths and afforded the acceptance and dignity they deserve.
Performance: We are proud to offer innovative, person-centered services enabling people to choose and direct their own path.
Partnership: We develop mutually beneficial working partnerships with employers, landlords, businesses, government agencies, and others to carry out our important mission.

Employment Services

Rise offers a wide range of employment-related services to help people pursue their personal interests and career aspirations.

Our customized employment services include individual vocational assessment and person-centered career planning, supported employment, job development, job placement, job training and coaching, and follow-up support services.

We work with scores of area businesses to provide interesting and integrated work opportunities in the community.

In addition, Rise works with students who have special needs, ages 16-22, to develop transition planning so they can successfully move from school to the workforce.

To help ensure success on the job, some people may need assistance from Rise staff to coordinate with other community resources to address specific issues that may affect their employability. These often include child care, transportation, affordable housing, literacy, and language proficiency.

Welfare-to-Work / MFIP Programs

Rise assists people who are unemployed or underemployed, receiving Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP), and have serious and multiple barriers to self-sufficiency enter or re-enter the workforce. Because most of the people Rise served in our welfare-to-work programs are refugees and immigrants, all of our placement staff are culturally sensitive and many are bilingual.

In addition, we can assist people with other employment-related issues, such as child care, transportation, language, cultural awareness, affordable housing, and other individual concerns which directly affect one’s job performance and retention.

Mental Health Housing Support Services

Rise recognizes the critical role of poverty and displacement has on one’s personal mental health; thus, our customized housing support services are based on the individual’s or family’s own personal needs and choices.

We offer a wide array of housing support services at Rise, including Independent Living Skills (ILS) training, homelessness outreach and emergency services, affordable housing resources, HOME rental subsidies, locating safe and affordable housing for individuals and families, transitional housing, and crisis assistance.
Rise also works with people on mental health case management, identifying other community resources, and applying for public assistance and/or rental subsidies.

Personal Growth Services

For people who are seeking to expand their opportunities by participating in non-vocational activities, Rise offers programs that address their individual interests and enrich their integration into community life.

People may benefit from activities, such as volunteering with local organizations, recreational activities and community outings, exercise and health-related activities, art and music therapies, discussion groups, social skills development, behavior management, and customized respite.

Family Life Mental Health Center

The Family Life Mental Health Center, a subsidiary of Rise, is a state-approved Rule 29 clinic in Coon Rapids that provides community care for the prevention and treatment of behavioral and mental illness. Family Life’s staff of psychiatrists, psychologists, master social workers, nurses, and marriage and family therapists offer a full range of mental health diagnostic and treatment services

Partnership is at the heart of our work

Rise is dedicated to building a community which is more accepting and supportive of all its citizens. We partner with area businesses, government agencies, landlords, employers, civic organizations, and the general public to meet this goal.

Rise has established numerous collaborative contract agreements with various public and private agencies which not only enhance program service delivery, but help streamline administrative costs.

For more information

If you have questions about Rise’s programs, or to make a referral for services, please contact Jennifer Sudmeier at 763-783-2813;