MFIP Welfare-to-Work Employment Programs

If you are unemployed or underemployed and receiving MFIP (Minnesota Family Investment Program), Rise can assist you.

Rise MFIP placement specialists can provide you with customized career planning, job placement, job retention, and follow-up support services you need to successfully move into the workforce.

A customized career plan will identify and address your specific needs

Rise offers an array of employment skill training opportunities designed to assist you in exploring interesting career fields, build your work skills, and put together a customized plan to help you achieve your employment goals. We offer a wide range of supported work opportunities and experiences to meet people’s varied interests, training, and skill levels to prepare you for competitive employment and build your work experience while looking for suitable, unsubsidized employment.

Accessing other community resources

To help ensure your success on the job, Rise staff can also help you link up with the resources you need to address other challenges you may face. We can connect you with community resources to assist you with child care, housing, transportation, substance abuse, mental health, and other issues that directly affect your job retention.

Experienced, dedicated staff

Many Rise MFIP employment consultants are bilingual (including Spannish, Somali, Hmong, and Vietnamese) and all are culturally sensitive. Once you are working, they will continue to follow up with you to help stabilize your employment. Rise MFIP staff can also provide you with linkages to other services, as well as self-improvement and career-enhancing educational opportunities.

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