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CBTE Job Placement Services

Do you need help finding a good job in the community? Rise’s CBTE job placement specialists can help you!

How It Works

  • A Rise placement specialist will meet with you on a regular basis, and together, you will work to find a job goal that matches your talents, abilities, and interests.
  • After you decide what kind of job you would like to have, you will begin the “Training and Search” phase during which you learn and practice new ways of job searching.
  • Together with your placement specialist, you will put together a resume listing your skills and abilities, work history, education, and other important information that an employer will be interested in learning about you.
  • When you’re ready, you and your placement specialist will submit your resume and job applications to potential employers, network with others, set up job interviews, and hopefully, find a great job!
  • Once you’re hired, your placement specialist will make sure that both you and the employer are happy with the new job by providing one-to-one support, on-the-job training, job coaching, and problem-solving.

How Can I Get Ready to Find a Job?

  • If you’re currently working, continue to make a good impression. Practice good work habits so you might receive an employment reference. Make sure you come to work everyday on time, and are positive in your interactions with co-workers and supervisors.
  • Put together a list of people who might be a reference for you. Start by listing you current and former supervisors or co-workers. and then perhaps add others who know your work abilities.
  • Make a list with detailed information about your work history, skills and abilities, education, and volunteering. This will help in creating your resume.
  • List the qualities you can bring to a new job, as well as work areas in which you might still need some encouragement, training, or practice. Talk to your family and friends about your interest finding a new job. Brainstorm with others about your skills and possible career paths.

Q: I’m not sure which of these job-readiness and job placement services I really need --
A: Placement specialists will customize these services to assist you with whatever you need: writing a resume, practicing your interviewing techniques, contacting employers, submitting applications, and supporting you on the job!

Q: What if I don’t know what kind of job I want yet?
A: No problem. Your placement specialist will help you check into different fields of work that match your skills and experience.

Q: I don’t drive; how will I get to work?
A: You have a few options. Placement specialists can teach you to use public transportation so you’re comfortable with your route to work each day. Or you can get connected with community transportation resources for which you may qualify.

Q: I’m concerned about losing my benefits --
A: Tell your placement specialist if you would like to keep your medical and/or Social Security benefits or if you would like to earn enough money to work off of them. You can still work in the community; we will simply change your job search according to your preferences.

Get ready for a new job by practicing professionalism in your workplace, at home, and in the community.

Here are four qualities employers look at when considering a potential employee:

Dependability - showing up every day on time ready to work.

Professional interactions - behaving appropriately with your co-workers, supervisors, and members of your community.

Professional attitude - working hard, being positive, having the flexibility to adjust to your employer’s needs.

Motivation to work -doing every job task to the very best of your ability, having a positive attitude.

If you have other questions, please contact:

Dan Meyers: dmeyers@rise.org; 612-877-1217

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